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When we acquired the Australia Post account, there were several key issues that were apparent and that became the immediate focus. Working with relevant teams across the business we were able to quickly identify these and formulate a plan of action that worked for both client and agency, which formed the basis of the project.


What were the issues identified?

Basics not in place: the fundamental structure of the accounts were floored and didn’t allow for the level of optimisation the business required. Structure requirements: the business requires a very specific set up which allows for the management of multiple different products across different verticals with unique targets. Performance: activity wasn’t geared towards meeting the business’ targets. With a variety of different products offered, the performance wasn’t considered on an individual product level. Lack of search assets: key assets such as extensions, sitelinks and bid adjustments were not in place which are fundamental to paid search performance. Underusing technology


The client’s role in this project was incredibly important and required a tight collaboration between key stakeholders and agency to ensure that from the outset, we would be in a position to achieve our goals. Working closely with the Australia Post team, we were able to devise 5 key objectives that ensured we would provide the desired performance from a business perspective, whilst targeting the right audience groups and minimising the impact to their current activity.

Audit each account using our 5 Pillars of Paid Search structure Restructure the accounts in way that would allow us to utilise the marketing budgets more effectively and create minimal impact to customers Improve performance on a product level Ensure search assets were used consistently across each account Maximise the technology platforms at our disposal


Over the course of the review and implementation process, our teams reviewed 45 accounts and created a unique approach for both Google and Bing considering key areas of each account. Headline performance improvements:

Over 10% more traffic was delivered Average CPC’s by 13% = $22,000 in savings per month ($66,000 overall).

Australia Post

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