Tele2: Snapchat Lens


Tele2's ongoing mission is to be the most popular telecom provider in the Netherlands. Setting out with the goal to make everybody part of the colourful and fun rebellious world of Tele2, they regularly aim to show everyone how much fun can be unlocked with unlimited data. To show this, they consistently create campaigns that are a little edgier than you might expect from a telecom provider. Armed with great creative, their next challenge is to reach their target audiences.

The hardest audience to reach? The new Snapchat generation - with their eyes glued to their screens. If making the perfect selfie is a life ambition of our target group, we thought why not create something to help them out a little? Something that gives them the most kissable lips, big puppy dog eyes and to-die-for cheekbones in only a few seconds. So, we created the Super Super Super Selfie Lens, a tailor made Snapchat Lens that was used throughout the entire campaign.

Next, we asked pop star singer and selfie queen of the Netherlands, Roxeanne Hazes, to write a song about it. The music video and all Super Super Super Selfie footage was used to reach all target groups, even the ones without Snapchat, via other media such as print billboards - a fully integrated campaign with Snapchat at its heart.

The Results

Our main target group for this campaign was the audience hardest to reach: the new generation with their eyes glued to their mobile devices. We seriously wanted to get through to them with something they really need: a Super Super Super Selfie.  



Uplift in Brand Interest

3.6 Mil


Video with Roxeanne Hazes



Snapchat Lens in the Netherlands


seconds of use

Average use of Lens (benchmark 10-20 sec)


Everybody loves to share selfies - especially the Snapchat generation target group. But, taking perfect selfies can take a lot of time - getting the right lighting, the perfect angle, and the best expression. Research shows the average time spent on perfect selfies is more than five hours a week. That’s why Tele2 introduced the Super Super Super Selfie Snapchat Lens. And, in true Tele2 spirit, we wanted everyone else to join the party, as well. With Snapchat at its core, we aimed to involve all other target groups, even the ones without Snapchat.

Innovation & Solution

The first thing to do, of course, was create the best selfie Lens ever - with the most kissable lips, highest cheekbones, and biggest puppy dog eyes possible. The night before the launch of the Lens, Roxeanne Hazes presented her music video and the Tele2 Super Super Super Selfie Lens on national TV. The Lens itself was only live for the next 24 hours, so with the footage shot in that 24 hours, we created a month long campaign with a special Snapchat code on every ad, which would unlock the Lens. All you had to do is grab your phone, snap the code and place your beautiful face in front of the Super Super Super Selfie Lens.