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As a Yamondo partner explido, is not only based on an international alliance but also focuses on active cooperation between its participants since the beginnig. According to that a consequent international employee exchange took place. Yamondo - explido at Kanlli by Dominik Johnson Today I would like to share with you that during the Q1/ 2013 my colleague Philipp Ben Bella (Supervising Senior SEO Consulting) from explido’s SEO department was working for six weeks hand in hand with our SEO colleagues at Kanlli in Madrid.  But why to share this info with the readers? For fantastic ideas and real innovation you need human interaction, conflict, argument and of course debate. As you know as a digital company lots of tasks and communication can be done online by teammates. This works out in both ways online and offline but you need to find the balance. Only to rely on one communication channel makes it extremely difficult to create the value especially for clients which deal with challenges day by day, too. You can call it Diversity Management or what ever but it all comes down to: Focus what your clients expect from your company in a changing ecosystem in which more and more competences are required nowadays. I would like to give you 4 GPA insights: ...Agency Perspective Yamondo is an international partner network of renowned and independently working marketing companies currently operating in 14 countries, focusing on European, American, and Asian-Pacific markets. ...Customer Perspective We are a globally oriented network with more than 800 employees who are responsible for more than 1.800 international clients speaking more than 50 different languages. The Yamondo partners comprise more than 3,000 transnational campaigns in more than 50 countries. ...Employee Perspective First and foremost, Yamondo is a network of international colleagues cooperating on projects, followed by working together onsite specifically in regards to the idea of ‘international exchange of experts of different branches.’ Even before the official start of Yamondo 3 years ago as the GPA gone public it was more than important to me to set the right DNA (e.g. gender management, age and expertise goes without saying) as you can see in momentums of our meanwhile 3rd annual partner meeting which took place in Beijing in China after Dubai and Munich. http://vimeo.com/72265256 ...Employee Exchange Mr. Philipp Ben Bella of explido Hamburg, visited Kanlli. The business expert with a focus on Hispanic studies, spent 6 weeks in the first Quarter of 2013 with the Spanish partner agency Kanlli.  Yamondo - explido and Kanlli In addition to international cooperation in Search Engine Optimization, the focal point of the exchange of the SEO colleagues was the joining of national efforts in these markets. Believe it or not couple of days ago a huge German Internet company acquired a Spanish Web host  and as Europe is still in a change the biggest News from the News Stations was that the Spanish Internet Economy has now again growth in Spain. Isn’t that a fantastic message for our Spanish colleagues? Yes it is because investments mean job offers. „Think globally with local factors in mind!“ means, in this respect, to actively live cooperation and to focus national expertise specifically in both directions. International SEO specifically requires the national expertise, as previously cited by Kanlli. To analyze the national peculiarities became a focal topic of the exchange. In SEO, a very broad and variable channel, comprising hundreds of ranking factors, focusing is more often than not a challenge. Nonetheless, an accomplishment was to point out basic differences fairly quickly. The loading speed of a customer’s website which plays a bigger role in respect to SEO in Spain than in Germany, and hence, claims more potential as a ranking factor, lends itself as a fitting example. Points of discussion are, in particular, topics such as the high quality content of a webpage. The definition of workflows for a joint, project-based cooperation is on the agenda as well. One aspect became evident rather quickly, that is, to share expertise transparently and openly among mutually responsible and equal partners as the main characteristic of the Yamondo employee exchange. It is essential in the Yamondo network and channel-independent to understand cultural differences as a professional potential and to use these in synergy. Yamondo understands this necessity and promotes an effective and efficient international cooperation among partners through opportunities such as the exchange of employees. Philipp spoke with the Kanlli SEO Team and Social Media about the previous event of Kanlli for blogger at Dunkin´ Coffee how to develop great content for the customer and the blogger scene. You can see the impressions of the blogger event at Dunkin´ Coffee by the mentioned link before. A heartfelt thank you is owed to our Spanish partner Kanlli, by explido, and particularly by Philipp. Without the commitment and cooperation of Kanlli this cultural and professional exchange would not have been possible. We are looking forward to future cooperation as well as continued employee exchanges in the global network of Yamondo partners! Thank you all, Dominik