Customer Journey Are You on the Road to Success

A highly competitive market in terms of pure number and strength of contenders as well as rising advertising costs increase the pressure on digital marketers to efficiently allocate their budgets on diverse marketing channels. But that’s exactly where the challenge starts: Valid answers call for asking the right set of questions: Do you know what kind of information your customers need? As the sophisticated marketer knows, the need for information varies strongly depending on the phase of purchase decision the customer is in: Awareness: Sensitize - Create a Need In this stage all marketing efforts aim at sensitizing the consumer to your topic and brand. Depending on the nature of your product a need has to be instigated. Favorability: Hunger for Information Offer value proposition. Be present when customers try to satisfy their need for detailed information. Consideration: Narrowing it Down Offer the key arguments why your products or services should win the customer's assessment of alternatives. Intent to Purchase: Trigger the Ultimate Purchase decision In this highly competitive phase it's essential to provide the ultimate incentive to consumers ready to buy to do so right now, right at your shop. Measure – Understand – Optimize Think of a multichannel marketing solution offering you the opportunity to plan all your marketing campaigns organized by advertising message ideally targeting the customers’ phase-specific need for information: explido’s ActionAllocator. The customer-oriented approach of ActionAllocator sets the solution apart from solely technical-oriented touch point tracking tools with no underlying marketing strategy or concept. The ActionAllocator tracking technology provides the basis for delivering meaningful numbers. ActionAllocator technology reliably tracks billions of clicks and views (ad impressions). Ad impression tracking allows you to verify the supposed positive effect of Display-Ad-views on conversion rates of click-based e.g. SEA-Campaigns. But that’s just the beginning:
  • Evaluate the revenue participation of each campaign
  • Identify the most effective customer journeys with regard to metrics like ROI
  • Optimize your entire campaign set-up and budget allocation
  • Gain actionable insights!
You are warmly invited to meet us at the dmexco - digital marketing exposition & conference in Cologne, Germany from September 21 - 22, 2011 to discuss your specific needs related to your customers’ journey. ActionAllocator developers and Customer Journey consultants are eager to answer your questions!